Are Nurses Allowed To Wear Crocs?

Crocs have been worn by hospital staff and many nurses over the years, but more and more hospitals are banning them for safety reasons.

So, there isn’t a clear answer, other than to check with your hospital and the dress code that they have outlined.

If you can wear crocs, they’re a great choice because they’re probably the most comfortable option when you’re working long hours.

Crocs are also easy to clean. Stains are removed with little effort, and they dry in no time. If you’re wearing sneakers or tennis shoes, you’re going to be stuck walking around with that blood stain for the rest of your shift.

Another benefit to wearing crocs as a nurse is that there’s no laces to tie or trip over.

Crocs are also slip resistant.

So, Can Nurses Wear Crocs?

Check with your hospital and see if staff are allowed to wear crocs. Your feet will thank you.

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