Yes, with some paperwork and some checks, if you are a qualified RN, you can work in any state.

Once you’ve become an RN by completing two to four years of nursing school and passing the NCLEX, you can now work as an RN in any state provided that you are licensed in that specific state.

If you need to register for a different you’ll have to apply for what’s called a “Licensure of endorsement” along with any fees.

Check the state where you’d like to work or where you’re thinking of moving to and see what specific requirements they have for practising nursing in that state.

You’ll want to get in touch with the local board of nursing. Their website should provide you with the details for obtaining a license in that state.

NLC: Nursing Licensure Compact Agreement State

This agreement means that if the state you’d like to practice in belongs to this agreement, you don’t need to apply for a license in that state provided you are still living in the state where you are presently licensed.

If you make a permanent move to that state, then you’ll need to apply for that state’s license.

Be Patient

Working in another state isn’t something that can happen overnight.

Make sure you start the process early and allow time for delays.