Best Nursing Schools In Ohio 

Do you remember when you were younger and people would always ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? Most of us based our answers on what we heard from our parents’ chats, our favorite TV shows and basically whatever else we were exposed to. This is why professions in education, health care and sports were among the most popular choices. Nursing is one of these and if you are one of those who has followed it through then you know there is nothing harder than settling on the right nursing school. This is because of how many there are to choose from these days. In Ohio alone, there about seventy nursing schools. Below are four of the best. They have not been ranked in any particular order.

Ohio’s Top 4 Schools

best nursing schools in ohio

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Ohio State University

Status: It ‘s a credited public institution.

Enrollment: 42,500 both in-state and out of state

Tuition and other costs:

$8,679.00 tuition per year

$22,544 annual in-state on campus cost

$35,379 annual on campus cost for out of state students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Students in their nursing school have access to financial aid and grants from the institution, the state and the federal government. There are also many different scholarships offered specifically to nursing students from medical associations, hospitals and individuals.

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Ohio State University is one of the very best universities in the country. Their Nursing School is equally as amazing with cutting edge training technology and equipment, dedicated staff and a suitable environment for studies.

Kent State University

Status: It’s a credited public university

Enrollment: 17,600 both state residents and non-residents.

Tuition and other costs:

$ 8,430 annual tuition

$ 21,400 annual on-campus cost for in-state students.

$ 28,832 annual on-campus costs from out of state students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Most students get financial aid with up to 29% getting Federal grants. This is a pretty high figure considering that most public institutions only have 1-10 percent of the students receiving federal grants. Students in nursing school also have access to scholarships from different medical organizations and institutions.

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Located in Valparaiso, Ohio, Kent State University is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the state. It offers moth degree and masters programs in nursing with some of the very best teachers and facilities available.

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Status: Credited private institution

Enrollment: 2,435

Tuition and other costs:

$ 19,100 annual tuition

$22,900 – $29,200 total non-tuition costs depending on whether student is or isn’t from the state. It also depends on whether you are staying alone or with family and whether you are living on-campus or off-campus.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: There is financial aid available from the university and the federal government. Students also have access to scholarships.

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It has one of the highest tuition fees but it goes without saying that it is worth every last penny. Students get to work with the very best equipment and staff to ensure that they get good quality training.

Ohio University School of Nursing

Status: Public but not credited

Enrollment: 1,700

Tuition and other costs:

$ 8,907 annual tuition fees

$ 22,377 on-campus costs for in-state students.

$31,341 on-campus costs for out of state students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Students and get scholarships, financial aid, grants and loans from different groups including the state, the university itself and other independent groups.

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It is the only school on this list that is entirely dedicated to teaching nursing. This means that students get to be surrounded every day by peers going through the very same training and this is provides a great study environment.


If you are looking for the very best amenities, facilities and staff for your nursing training, then you can rest assured that Ohio’s top 4 will not let you down. This makes it a great choice for both state residents and non-residents. So, if you were one of those kids who gave nursing as your answer, then you now know exactly where you can have those dreams turned into a reality.