Best Nursing Schools In Georgia

Finding the best nursing school for you these days can be quite the task. The problem is not that there are no good ones. Not at al. The problem is that there are too many good ones. One of the best examples is the state of Georgia. This lovely southern state is home to more than thirty different nursing schools. Talk about being spoilt for choice. To make things easier for you if you are interested in studying here, below are four of the very best nursing schools in Georgia. They are not in any particular order because each is amazing in its own unique way.

Georgia’s Top 4

best nursing schools in georgia

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1. Emory University: Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

Status: Accredited and private

Enrollment: 12,340 both in-state and out of state

Tuition and other costs: 

$36,336 annual tuition

Between $39,136 and $49,708 total annual living costs. This depends on where you are living in relation to campus and which state you are from.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

As a private university, there is not as much financial aid from the state and federal government. The fact that only 62% of the students receive financial aid is enough proof. There are, however, very many different scholarships that students in the school of nursing have access to. These are usually from nursing associations and scholarships foundations sponsoring students in the different medical practitioners fields.

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Emory University is without a doubt on of the very best private universities in the state of Georgia. The high tuition fees is usually a turn off to many but it is actually the reason why the university is able to provide such high quality training. You will get to see the value for your money through the amazing training facilities, cutting edge research technology and amazing teaching staff.

2. Georgia State University

Status: Public and accredited

Enrollment: 26,135

Tuition and other costs: 

$6,056 annual tuition

Between $11,546 and $ 35,382 total living costs every year. This depends on which state you are from, where you live while studying and who you live with.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Students at the university benefit a lot from help offered by the state and the university with up to 88% of the students receiving financial aid. Federal grants are also available with 34% of the students benefiting. This is a very high figure considering that most other public universities have only 1-15% of the students receiving the grants. Nursing scholarships are also available from different groups and associations for students at the Georgia State University. The scholarships and financial aid benefit nursing students at degree, masters and doctorate levels.

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3. Georgia Perimeter College

Status: Accredited and public

Enrollment: 20,000 from within and outside the state

Tuition and other costs:

$2,322 annual tuition

Total living costs range between $ 7,222 and $ 17,724. How much you will end up spending depends a lot on where you love in relation to campus and whether or not you are an official resident of Georgia State.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Like most other universities, students in Georgia Perimeter College nursing school have access to scholarships from the many different nursing associations, medical organizations and hospitals there are in in Georgia. There is also financial aid offered by the state and the university with up to 58% of the students benefiting from this. This is not a very high percentage but considering the relative affordability of the tuition, it is reasonable. Federal grants are also available.

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Georgia Perimeter College is by far one of the most affordable in terms of tuition. This, however, does not mean that the quality of training is not just as good, if not better, than that of more expensive options. With some of the best facilities and training staff, students in the nursing school are assured of the very best training at the college.

4. Macon State College

Status: Public and accredited

Enrollment: 6200 both in-state and out of state.

Tuition and other costs:

$2,182 annual tuition

Between $8,450 and $ 17,964 total non-tuition costs depending on whether student is or isn’t from the state. It also depends on whether you are staying alone or with family and whether you are living on-campus or off-campus.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

There is financial aid available from the university and the federal government. Students also have access to scholarships.

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The school of nursing at Macon State College is by far one of the very best in the stat. With its amazing facilities and on-campus amenities, students basically have all that they need to make it through their training successfully. The affordability in terms of annual tuition also sweetens the deal.


The four Georgia nursing schools above are without doubt among the very best not only in the state but also in the entire country. Therefore, whether or not you are a Georgia resident, these schools are definitely worth considering if you want to get the best nursing training there is.